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Your local handyman service providing home repair, paint walls, pressure washing, and help with ready-to-assemble furniture in the Vancouver, WA. - Portland, OR., metro area. Get a free estimate on your fix-it job from a 24/7 handyman service.

Please note* We partner licensed, bonded contractors in WA. - OR. Submit your home repair job to All Fixes handyman to get the best bids possible.

We have been hired for jobs that include drywall repairs, paint touchup work, assembling furniture, replacing damaged floor boards, fixing a dripping faucet, fixing damaged pieces of siding, installing doors, and fixing doors that does not latch correctly.

Our handyman service performs almost any job that you are willing to pay for. Other handyman types of services we provide include: gardening, landscaping, assembling of furniture or tool shed kits, changing light bulbs, hanging picture frames, or even house sitting for a family while they are on vacation. We do it all!

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Realtor Cleanup Services:
All Fixes handyman Real Estate Cleanup services can clean out a property, haul away debris, clean-up, fix, repair, and paint your property.

We serve Real estate and property management companies throughout Clark County, WA. and Multnomah county, OR.


If you are ready to put your unoccupied house on the market and need help cleaning-up it up, we provide basic interior clean up, handyman work, and lawn care maintenance to prepare your property for potential home buyers.

Service fees are dependent upon the condition of the property upon inspection.

Property Management:
Clearing out junk
Haul away debris
Shampoo the carpet
Clean oven
Clean and repair bathrooms
Clean out garages
Repair kitchen cabinets
Install kitchen cabinets
Interior painting
Exterior painting
Cutting and trimming lawn
Removing overgrown bushes
Boarding up windows / glass doors
Lawn Maintenance
Changing locks
Pressure washing
Gutter Cleaning

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